Finding Friends

Well, It’s official, my bags are all packed, the boxes are put away, and I am ready to hit the road!

I’d like to thank Hot Cakes for an extra special going away Soiree, the cake was amazing! 

Here are the maps that I have been referencing  for the beginning stages of my project:

I have spent the last few weeks tying up all of the loose ends, sending emails and seeking friends in Indian Country. Which brings me to my next subject, below is a list of the first 13 tribes I will be visiting in California:

1. Smith River Rancheria 2. Elk Valley Res. 3. Resighini Res 4. Yurok Res 5. Hoopa Valley Res 6. Big Lagoon Rancheria 7. Trinidad Rancheria 8. Blue Lake Rancheria 9. Table Bluff Rancheria 10. Rohnerville Rancheria 11. Karok Reservation 12. Quarts Valley Rancheria

13. Redding Rancheria 

If you have any connections in any of these places, please pass along their contact info…

Sending you gratitude and love!